17 Reasons Why Real Estate Investors Prefer Steel Buildings

10/22/2013   by Hammers Construction

17-Reasons-Why-Real-Estate-Investors-Prefer-Steel-BuildingsOver the past several years, steel buildings have emerged as a significant building and construction trend that epitomizes the 21st century architectural landscape like no other. Offering a number of significant advantages over structures made out of traditional materials, steel buildings have become the design of choice for a growing number of builders and developers all over the world.

What is it about steel buildings that make them such favorable options for building owners as well as construction companies? Here are no less than seventeen great reasons to consider steel buildings!


Steel buildings are less costly

All factors being equal, steel buildings tend to cost less than structures made out of traditional materials. The streamlining of the construction process helps to cut down the construction costs considerably, and this alone makes them more favorable options to commercial construction companies that are always eager to save money.

Environmentally friendly

Steel buildings utilize a material that is much friendlier on the environment than wood, and even concrete. Steel is an almost infinitely recyclable material, which means that it doesn’t extract nearly as much of an environmental toll as wood or other traditional materials.

Very customizable

One of the most surprising qualities of steel buildings is how customizable they are. Other structures tend to be less flexible and costly to customize, but steel buildings are routinely designed with the addition of custom features that serve to enhance functionality and design.

Improve deliverability

Commercial general contractors favor steel buildings for the fast delivery times. In the commercial construction industry where time is always of the essence, the reduced shipping time means less cost, which is always a good thing for building developers.

Assembles in much less time than other structures

Steel buildings can also be assembled much more quickly than other structures. Since the components are assembled in the factory and delivered to the construction site, the construction process can be cut down by as much as 33%.

Cost less to insure

Another area wherein steel buildings can offer reduced costs is in insurance. Since the construction process is much shorter compared to traditional buildings, the risk insurance rates paid for are considerably reduced as well. Most insurance companies actually offer lower insurance rates for steel building construction due to their comparative safety.

Energy efficient

Steel buildings are some of the most energy efficient structures around. Able to reduce heating and cooling bills by at least 50%, steel building design continues to pay off throughout its lifespan.

Better for renters

Most people in the market for rental property consider steel building design a definite advantage. Structurally sound and energy efficient, steel buildings are becoming the design of choice for a growing number of renters.

Require low maintenance

Most steel buildings require very little maintain throughout their lifespan. In fact, it isn’t unusual for building owners to go for long periods without having to repair anything in the building.

Easily adapted to various applications

One quality that makes steel buildings so favored in the commercial construction industry is their versatility. From wide spans to tall and narrow structures, to a host of other designs that almost defy categorization, steel buildings can be adapted to almost any application.

Exceedingly durable

Of course steel buildings are exceedingly durable, and this is perhaps its most significant appeal from a construction standpoint. They can withstand a wide variety of environmental factors, and are remarkably resistant to insect infestation and moisture damage.

Great resale value

Steel buildings tend to have a much higher resale value than other structures. For a commercial construction developer that may consider selling the building later on, this quality of steel buildings makes them better choices than their traditionally constructed counterparts.

Designed for timeless appeal

Unlike buildings made out of traditional materials, steel buildings can be designed to be as timeless as possible. With these structures, there is less concern about the building design being rendered obsolete.


Steel buildings tend to be more stylish than traditional designed structures. Ideally suited to the technical demands of the 21st century, steel buildings can satisfy aesthetic requirements as well.

Just as warm and welcoming as any structure

There is no reason why steel buildings can’t be as warm and inviting as other structures. With the right touches and homey atmosphere, a steel building can be just as cozy as any log cabin,

Make for great conversation

There’s really not a lot that can be said about wooden or concrete buildings. Steel buildings on the other hand have some futuristic appeal, and even a mystique about them that makes for great conversation.

Steel buildings are the future

You only have to look at some of the finest structures in the world’s most modern cities to realize that steel buildings are the future. If you want to be a part of this future, steel buildings are definitely worth considering.

Learn more about steel buildings and your other commercial construction concerns from Hammers Construction. Call us today at 719-570-1599 and we will be glad to help you get your construction project underway!

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