Done Right. On time, on budget. It’s our foundation.

With a name like Hammers, the family was destined to build.

Over 50 years ago, Steve Hammers and Dave Hammers’ father began the commercial construction companies in Minnesota. Steve and Dave are carrying on the tradition and passion of design build companies. In 1986, the business bearing the family name expanded to the Rocky Mountains. In 1991, Hammers Construction, Inc. (HCI) became an independent entity. Over the years, HCI has earned a reputation for honesty; integrity and professionalism in the very unique design build construction companies.

hammers-companyHCI prides itself on its unique Design-Build Process, as well as the truly distinctive goal among commercial construction companies of completing projects on time, on budget, and right the first time.

Although prefabricated metal buildings are their specialty, HCI’s structure portfolio is enviable, including office building construction, medical building construction, tenant improvements, manufacturing warehouses and retail development and construction. And, as construction needs are changing with an evolving business market, HCI is staying on top by creating buildings specifically for high-tech firms. “There are special requirements for providing high electrical power, stronger foundations and unusual layouts,” Steve Hammers explains. “We transformed the Design/Build process and now we are revolutionizing structures for the 21st Century.”

Our Vision

Our commitment to our clients, in conjunction with our team approach to the design and construction process, makes possible our goal of creating the ideal structure backed on the client’s specific vision and goals.

Every client is unique and each structure distinctive. At HCI, we desire complete satisfaction for our clients and we strive to complete each job…“Done right, on time, within budget!

We thank you for your business.

– Steve Hammers

What we do

Hammers Construction, Inc. is determined to provide every client with the best possible building experience from start to finish. Our unique Design-Build method ensures that the building process is integrated, efficient and effective.

Hammers Construction is a commercial construction company in Colorado Springs with 25 years experience in commercial design-build construction.
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