Design-Build Construction in Denver, CO

Advances in design-build construction

hammers1One of the most significant developments in the construction industry is the “design build construction” process. It has actually been around for thousands of years, but was largely superseded by the newer design-bid-build (ironically called the “traditional”) approach to construction. Over the past several years however, design-build construction has been making a comeback in high-volume construction areas such as Denver, Colorado.

Design & build construction is a project delivery method used in the construction business. In this method of delivery, the design and construction of the project is contracted to a single organization. Called the design build contractor, this professional is responsible for the entire project, from the initial planning and design stages, all the way through to project completion. The design build team of architects and builders first inspects the planned construction site and makes notes based on the owner’s directions. The team then works together to produce construction plans for the owner’s approval. The design-build team also devises a construction sequence for the project.

After the plans have been approved, the design build company then submits the necessary documents to City Hall and orders the materials to be used in the construction. Finally, the design & build construction team also does the actual construction.

What the design build process is used for

hammers2The design build construction process is used in a wide variety of structures, especially in cities such as Denver, Colorado. The many benefits offered by this construction method make it ideally suited to the unique demands of the Denver construction industry. In the city, design build has been used in the construction of a wide variety of commercial and institutional structures, most of them being office complexes. Design build construction can also be used for healthcare and educational facilities, and telecommunications centers.

Advantages and benefits of design build construction

One of the most significant advantages of the design build system is that there is only a single entity responsible for the entire project. This single point of contact makes it much easier to manage the project and to ensure quality. The simplicity of the system also reduces the risks typically associated with building construction, and generally makes the entire construction process more efficient.

hammers3Developers who opt for design build construction also gain the advantage of a much more streamlined process, since it is fairly easy to coordinate the schedules of the different teams involved in the construction. This in itself can save the owner considerable time and money, and help ensure a better quality job.

With only a single entity responsible for the entire project, there are fewer of the issues that typically bog down traditional construction processes. The design build construction process makes coordination between the different teams much simpler and more straightforward, and there is always a focus on keeping the project well within budget.

If you are looking for someone to handle every aspect of your planned building in the Denver area, a design build contractor is definitely worth considering as an option.

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