Design Build Construction in New Town, ND

The design build construction approach

hammers1The design-build construction approach is fast gaining new advocates in New Town, North Dakota and many other parts of the United States. The construction delivery method isn’t exactly new; it is actually based on the “master builder” model, which has long been used in civilizations around the world. This is actually the “traditional” method of construction, and what is commonly referred to as “traditional” or “design-bid-build” nowadays is in its relative infancy, having been introduced only 150 years ago.

The main difference between “traditional” methods of construction and design build construction is that the latter involves dealing only with a single contractor, instead of several, as with the former approach. The process of building a structure in the “traditional” way typically involves drawing up the construction plans, presenting them to several contractors who will make a bid, and the winning bidder gets the job.

With design & build construction, there is no bidding process to speak of, since the entire project is handled only by a single organization. From planning to breaking ground to the actual construction work all the way up to completion and delivery, it is the responsibility of the design build contractor to handle everything.

Design build construction uses

hammers2Design build construction is especially favored for the swiftness of the construction process. In cities such as New Town, North Dakota, buildings designed using the design build construction model get done in a fraction of the time that it would take with other types of structures. Today, you can expect to see the design build construction process put to work in the construction of office buildings and commercial spaces, industrial facilities, and even schools. There is virtually no application in which design build concepts aren’t feasible, and they are playing an increasingly large role in modern construction and development as a result.

Why design build construction is a better solution

A design build project offers a number of advantages over the “traditional” construction model. The most important advantage is simplicity. A construction project is often a tedious and difficult process, with a lot of time, effort, and resources spent in coordinating the different teams. With a design build contractor the process can be made much more streamlined, since there is only one organization in charge of the entire project. There is therefore much less risk of the bottlenecks and disputes that come with the territory when working with different construction teams.

hammers3Design build contractors can also save you a great deal of money by cutting the construction period. They can also make recommendations as they see fit, and implement then almost instantaneously without disrupting the work flows of the rest of the teams. A design build company also has the ability to overlap and crunch together certain tasks, so that a lot more gets done in a similar period as compared to working with traditional construction methods.

Design build construction is on the rise and it is only expected to be more widespread in the coming years.

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