Design Build Construction in Stanley, North Dakota

The design build construction method

hammers1The Stanley, North Dakota construction scene is as active as ever, and design build concepts often play a significant role in all the development. Heralded as an innovative construction delivery process, design build construction is actually based on the “master builder” model that was practiced for thousands of years. In fact, what many now refer to as the “traditional” or “design-bid-build” construction model has only been around for a fraction of that time.

In any case, the design build model is the past, present, and future of construction and it is expected that the number of projects that will utilize this method will grow to encompass more than 50% of the construction industry by 2015.

What the design build process entails

hammers2In the “traditional” method of construction, the plans for the building are first drawn up by a team of architects, who submit their designs for the approval of the building owner. After the plans are approved, they are then presented to contractors who will then make bids for the entire project. Based on cost and quality of their previous work, a contractor will then be selected and the construction process can begin.

In design build construction, only one team is assigned to the entire task. This goes for everything from planning the building to creating the blueprints, and then to sourcing out materials, assembling the construction teams and equipment, and constructing the building. This is a much more streamlined and efficient process than dealing with several different contractors, and it can reduce costs besides.

Projects that use the design build construction process

The design build process can be employed for any project that would typically be done via the design-bid-build process. There will still be teams in charge of drawing up the plans, constructing the building, and so forth. The only difference between the design build method and the “traditional” method is that the former involves dealing only with a single design build company instead of multiple contractors. Design build concepts can be used in anything from school buildings to residential structures, and everything else in between. In places such as Stanley, North Dakota, the construction method is especially valued for projects in which time and budget constraints are crucial factors.

Why opt for design build contractors?

hammers3The most obvious reason to go for design build construction is simplicity. For building developers, having a single point of contact with the construction team makes it a lot easier to manage teams and to coordinate tasks. This will help ensure a much smoother and more efficient workflow, with fewer of the bottlenecks that often occur when working with multiple contractors.

The more efficient process also means reduce costs. Even before the work begins, the building owner already knows how much the project will cost based on an estimate made by the design build company. This essentially puts a cap on the spending and reduces unplanned expenses.
If you are looking to construct a building in the Stanley, North Dakota area, design build concepts are definitely worth checking out.

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