Design-Build Construction in Tioga, North Dakota

Design-build construction–quality construction simplified

hammers1Construction is definitely big business in Tioga, ND and many other communities all over the United States. With the economy being in a less than favorable state, there is an even more urgent need to construct quality structures at lower costs. If the quality of the building and the low cost of construction are primary concerns, opting for design build construction might be a better alternative to the “traditional” construction process.

Design build construction is a method of delivery in which the entire project is assigned to a single entity. In the “traditional” model–which has only been around for about 150 years, interestingly enough–architects first draw up the plans for the building. The plans are then presented to a general contractor who will make a bid for the entire project. The one selected–who is the one who makes the lowest bid, more often than not–is tasked with constructing the building.

With design & build construction, the same firm that designs the building is also responsible for constructing it. This eliminates the lengthy process of finding suitable bids from several different contractors, but it can also save time–and money–in other ways.

What is design build construction used for?

hammers2A design build company can usually handle any project that a can be done via the design-bid-build process. Since each firm has its own team of designers and construction managers, there is virtually no limit to the types of buildings that they can construct. In communities such as Tioga, design build can be used in the construction of school facilities, office spaces, residential buildings, industrial buildings, and more. Any construction project that can be accomplished via design-bid-build can also be done with the design build construction process.

Reasons to go with design build construction

The main reasons why building owners may opt for design build construction are:

  • simplicity
  • reduced cost
  • shorter construction periods
  • single point of responsibility
  • better quality control

The design build model virtually eliminates all the issues that typically come up when trying to manage different teams on the job. Since the design build team is working as a single entity, it is much easier to implement processes and enhance work flow. Coordination is swift and efficient, and even drastic changes can be made without disrupting the process too much.

hammers3Working with a single organization also provides a number of cost benefits to the building owner. The design build contractor gives the owner a quote for the entire completed building early on in the process, making it easier to stay within budget. Since the cost of the building is pegged right from the start, building owners won’t have to deal with surprise add-on costs.

Design build neatly addresses all the issues typically associated with traditional building construction. In communities such as Tioga, North Dakota, the design build construction process is clearly instrumental in pushing the construction industry forward.

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