Design Build Construction in Watford City, North Dakota

About design build construction

hammers1In cities such as Watford City, ND, the rapid pace of development requires the use of construction process known as “design build construction”. This method of construction actually refers to the entire process, from planning to execution, all the way to building completion. The design build method has actually been around for thousands of years, and is based on the “master builder” method of construction in which a single individual is tasked with all the responsibilities of completing the structure.

It is interesting to note that what many now refer to as the “traditional” method of construction, which follows the design-bid-build model, was only developed during the late 1800s. Nevertheless, the past 30 years or so has seen an increase in the number of construction projects that follows the design build model.

Different applications for design build construction projects

hammers2The design build construction process can be used for virtually any type of structure. With a single entity at the helm from start to finish, the process actually makes it easier to construct certain buildings that would be too costly or impractical to construct using the traditional design-bid-build method. In communities such as Watford City, design build is used on the construction of everything from office buildings to residential complexes.

The advantages of design build construction

The key benefit to design & build construction is that only a single entity is responsible for every step of the building construction. Since the same entity will be handling the planning of the building as well as its actual construction, it is much easier to coordinate and manage the different teams involved. This makes for a much more efficient work process, with each task carried out in coordination with others.

Design build construction can also cut down on construction costs considerably. In any given construction project, the design team and the construction team often work as distinct entities, and this can cause budget and scheduling disputes. With the design and construction personnel working as a single team however, it is much easier to streamline tasks and enhance work flow. Certain tasks can also be overlapped, which in itself can cut down on the construction period significantly.

hammers3With a design build construction process, the owners will also know early on in the process how much the entire project will cost. Since the design build contractor will make an assessment of the project cost beforehand and provide the building owner with a quote, it is much easier to stick to the budget as opposed to hiring different contractors for every segment of the job.

A design build company will also be able to provide much better quality control. With a more efficient work process and closer coordination between teams, any issues can be addressed and necessary changes made more quickly.

Design build construction is definitely worth considering for your next project in Watford City.

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