Design Build Construction in Williston, ND

The shift toward design build construction

hammers3If you haven’t heard of design build construction yet, you likely would have heard of it soon even if you hadn’t come across this article. Fast becoming a popular construction approach in Williston, North Dakota and many other parts of the United States, the design build construction process is proving to be a feasible alternative to the “traditional” or design-bid-build construction model.

The term “design-build” actually refers to the entire process of delivering the finished building, rather than just the actual construction work. Design build contractors basically handle every aspect of the project from start to finish. From initial assessment to making the proposal and planning, to actually putting up the building, the design build contractor functions in every role.

In the design-bid-build model, the architects first come up with the plans for the building. The plans are then presented to general contractors who make bids on the contract. The contractor who is selected–usually, but not always the lowest bidder–is the one who actually works on the construction of the building.

On the other hand, a design build company basically does away with the bidding process, since the same firm responsible for coming up with the design will also be tasked with constructing the building.

Applications for the design build process

hammers2In high-volume development communities such as Williston, North Dakota, the design build construction process is used in a wide and varied array of structures. Nowadays, many commercial and industrial structures are built using the design build delivery method, many of them used for healthcare services, educational institutions, office complexes, and sports facilities. The process is also used for the construction of telecommunications centers. Design build is also commonly used in the construction of government buildings.

Why go for design build construction?

There are many reasons why building owners opt for design build construction. Perhaps the most significant benefit is simplicity. With a design build contractor, the building owner or architects only have to deal with a single person representing a single organization. The construction team itself may be comprised of several subcontractors working under the design build contractor, but the building owners and architects still only deal with one person.

This single point of responsibility makes it much easier to coordinate tasks and to address key issues. It will also make it easier to monitor progress and to keep the project running on schedule.

hammers1On the part of the design build company, being solely responsible for the building from start to finish makes for a more efficient and effective process, with little of the drawbacks commonly associated with the traditional design-bid-build model, where different teams of contractors have to work around each other/
With the design build construction process, it is also possible to speed up the work considerably, since tasks can be overlapped without sacrificing on safety or durability.

Design build construction has definitely become an integral part of the Williston, North Dakota development landscape.

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