Metal Buildings Help Keep Your Costs Down

02/21/2012   by Hammers Construction

If there is one factor that makes metal building construction the best option for a growing number of developers this day and age, it would have to be their low cost. In any type of building construction, cost concerns often go hand in hand with the need for a high quality structure that conforms to industrial standards of reliability, durability, and function. Given these incongruent factors and requirements, metal buildings are ideally suited for the job.

Metal Building Construction

Metal buildings also provide a more environmentally feasible solution, and as it turns out, newer design innovations have resulted in structures that more than measure up in terms of aesthetic value as well. But it is perhaps in terms of cost that the benefits of steel buildings truly come to the fore, and this applies to both initial construction and the lifespan of the structure.

Although most steel buildings are designed to be low rise structures with expansive spans, the metal used in their construction actually lends itself to a varied array of other design options as well. Even traditional design elements such as brick facades or wide stretches of windows can be incorporated into modern steel building design. What this means is that metal buildings are no longer constrained to the drab, utilitarian look of decades past. Nowadays, metal is used as the primary material in numerous types of structures for different applications. In many larger cities, metal buildings are the favored design choices for schools, banks, fire stations, and even churches.

Custom designs improve flexibility and reduce costs

While most people use the term “pre-engineered” in reference to metal prefab buildings, the term “custom-designed” is really more accurate. This is because commercial steel buildings are typically designed to the specification of the developer, in a way that utilizes resources in the most efficient manner possible. Steel building structures are now commonly designed using software that optimizes the steel’s weight in accordance with the type of structure being built. This makes it possible to place more steel in areas with greater strength requirements, and less in other areas of the structure. This more efficient use of the material helps lower the average cost of a metal building.

One factor that plays a significant role in the lower cost of steel buildings is how they are constructed. The components of a steel building are made in a specially designed facility, in a process that includes the fabrication of the rafter and column welding plates and secondary framing. Under a carefully controlled process, these components are designed for specific applications before they are transported to the building site. Since all the individual components have been designed to specifications, there is little need for additional sizing and modification on-site, resulting in a much shorter construction period and reduced overall costs. In fact, it has been estimated that it takes about 30% less time to get a steel building operational compared to a similar structure made out of other materials.

Steel has become cheaper than ever in the past several years, and this has resulted in a further reduction of building costs. Add to that the fact that metal buildings are typically designed and manufactured by a single company, and steel buildings provide a design alternative that is both cost-effective and a lot easier to deal with.

Environmental friendly design

In addition to contributing to overall lower costs, the materials and designs used in the fabrication of metal buildings also contribute to their environment friendly qualities. Metal is one of the most durable building materials around, and this quality results in a structure that remains functional for much longer than other types of structures. Not only will steel buildings last longer than similar structures made out of conventional materials; it will require far less maintenance as well. Better still, many of the materials used in the design and construction of steel buildings can be recycled, and many such structures are in fact made from recycled materials. Unlike other materials used in traditional building construction, steel can be used for the construction of another structure or even an automobile after a building has been torn down.

The favorable environmental impact of a steel building goes beyond its construction as well. Most such buildings are designed with inherent cost and energy benefits, which make them feasible options in today’s increasingly energy-hungry world. Factory-insulated wall panels made out of metal are commonly used in the development of facilities that are much more energy efficient than their counterparts. With the addition of metal roofs coated with pigments that reflect the sun’s light and heat, you can have a structure that can cut down your energy and cooling costs considerably, while being much friendlier to the environment at the same time. It is for this reason that metal is often the building material of choice for cold storage facilities as well as residential and commercial buildings.

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