Commercial Construction

Hammers Construction provides commercial construction services in Colorado Springs and other parts of the United States. We are a full service commercial construction company and provide all the services needed to complete the construction of a commercial building.

What is Commercial Construction?

Commercial construction in Colorado Springs (or anywhere else) involves the construction of buildings for commercial use such as retail outlets, office space, hospitals, and restaurants. Hammers Construction has long-term relationships with sub-contractors in the construction industry. We will help a business with all the work involved in commercial building construction. For instance, we can help obtain commercial construction loans, deal with the various sub-contractors, obtain permit and licenses, and ensure that the commercial construction projects are completed on time and within budget.

We follow up with the various sub-contractors and ensure that the construction work proceeds in the right sequence. Our commercial construction management services include providing estimates for the commercial construction costs, liaising with architects and designers, and also ensuring that the final product meets the design and quality specifications of our client.


As a commercial construction company in Colorado Springs, Hammers Construction provides multiple benefits to our clients. When you retain our services we ensure that you:

  • Save on time as we will take over the supervision of the commercial construction project
  • Save on costs since we will ensure that subcontractors stay within budget
  • Obtain loans more easily as we will track all expenses
  • Will have proper documentation of cost estimates when you approach the lenders
  • Will have a complete loan application for the commercial construction project


Hammers Construction provides multiple benefits for those wishing to develop commercial properties. We will help by:

  • Coordinating the entire commercial construction project
  • Providing detail cost analysis of the construction costs
  • Ensuring that the commercial construction project proceeds seamlessly and on time
  • Freeing you to focus on your core responsibilities
  • Obtaining all permits, licenses, and clearances
  • Ensuring that plumbing, electricity, and sewerage are up to commercial building standards

Where to Find

Hammers Construction is a construction company based in Colorado Springs. The office provides a great view of Pikes Peak. We employ around 30 permanent staff and have long term relationships with many sub-contractors. This system enables us to provide valuable commercial construction consulting service and commercial construction management at a low cost.


Call Hammers Construction today to find out a per square feet construction cost estimate for developing your commercial construction project.

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Hammers Construction is a commercial construction company in Colorado Springs with 25 years experience in commercial design-build construction.
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