Design Build Construction

What is Design Build Construction?

Design build construction is a revolutionary approach that is fast changing the construction industry. Comprised of a comprehensive range of services that cover the construction process from start to finish, design build construction gives you the results you want with minimum hassle, since everything is taken care of for you. From initial planning to final delivery, our range of design build construction services will help you realize your vision for precisely the type of structure you want.

Hammers Construction, Inc. brings together the best design build construction professionals as part of your design build process. Every design-build contractor involved in your project is at the table simultaneously, cooperating with each other and developing acceptable solutions to specify project needs. We work together to solve any potential issues in the design build process before leaving the table, saving valuable project time and budget dollars.

HCI prides itself on our unique design build construction process, whereby we are involved in the construction project from start to finish. Our process consists of four main phases including Site Evaluation and Building Cost Budgeting, Project Coordination, Special Services Agreements and Complete Project Management.

Phase 1: Square Foot Analysis

Design Build Construction

Site Evaluation and Building Cost Budget.

It makes sense to determine the feasibility of a project prior to implementation. It’s logical, yes; But it’s not the usual practice.

At HCI, it’s not only the usual practice, it’s our promise, and it’s free. We address and substantiate the feasibility and construct-ability of your project, prior to, and throughout our Design-Build process.

Even before you commit to us, we’ll answer two crucial questions for you:

1. Is your site suitable for desired structure?

Our Site Evaluation includes: Zoning regulations, land use designation, utility costs, topography and historical records.

2. What is your structure going to cost?

Our comprehensive Square Foot Analysis includes: Detailed per-square-foot cost budget, land evaluation costs, and evaluation of future growth costs.

Phase 2: The Design-Build Agreement

Design Build Construction

Construction Project Coordination

The completion of your new structure requires the expertise of designers, engineers, construction specialists and subcontractors.

With our unique Design-Build construction process, HCI provides a one-stop-shop for your entire project from concept to finish. Excelling in the area of project coordination, resource efficiency and risk management, we create, guide and supervise the team chosen for your specific design build construction project. And, although the final outcome of your building project is in our hands, you are in complete control throughout the process.

The Design-Build Agreement is a short, easy to understand Agreement that incorporates all phases, entities, and services needed to complete your custom project.

Your Design-Build Construction Agreement Includes: Detailed site information, site plan, development plan, floor plan, elevations, sections, preliminary landscape plan, full set of building specifications, design build construction costs and the contact for construction.

Phase 3: The Design-Build Service Agreement

Design Build Construction

Special Services

Although comprehensive, sometimes the specifications of the Design-Build Agreement aren’t quite enough, particularly when special services are necessary for a project. You may require a more precise bid. That’s when the HCI Service Agreement comes in. When your job involves specific studies and additional engineering reports prior to construction, we provide you the solid numbers you want. It’s specific and accurate.

The Service Agreement may include: Soils reports, Phase 1 requirements, zoning requirements, site replatting, geohazard reports, drainage report and plan, or traffic studies.

Together we decide upon the essential services for your project – up front. The Service Agreement enhances your Design-Build Agreement so that you know the full scope of your project, down to the penny. Don’t expect to find that kind of promise anywhere else. With your HCI Service Agreement in hand, speculation becomes a certainty.

Phase 4: Full Design-Build Construction

Design Build Construction

Project Management

Once feasibility has been determined and the Design-Build Contract is signed, the HCI team begins full construction. During this phase, you are assigned a single general contractor & project manager to act as your liaison across all the project participants, eliminating the typical administrative burdens you would encounter in the course of more conventional building processes.

We desire to save you time, money and headaches in all of the phases of your project. To ensure this, we know these goals become realistic only with the best quality control in place.

At HCI, we realize that during the construction of your new building you have a business to run – and you don’t have the time or desire to deal with the hassles associated with the full process. So, leave the worrying to us, and know that in the end, you will have a quality building…“Done right, on time, within budget!”

To get a glimpse at our design build process and completed construction projects, please visit our Commercial Construction portfolio page.

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