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Hammers Construction provides commercial general contractor services in Colorado Springs and other parts of the United States. As a certified general contractor, Hammers manages the responsibility of the construction of commercial buildings. As a general contractor company, Hammers will handle the stress and risk involved in the construction of your project from start to finish.

What is a Commercial General Contractor?

What exactly do we mean when we say we are a Colorado Springs general contractor? Hammers Construction has long term relationships with subcontractors that they will utilize to ensure that the various aspects of the construction are completed on schedule and in the right sequence. If our company does not have a relationship prior to working with the subcontractor, we send them through a strict subcontractor pre-qualification process to ensure that they are a reputable company.

We as the commercial general contractor will take the responsibility of following up with the contractors and others to ensure work is completed on time and within the budget. When working with Hammers Construction you can be sure that your project will be completed on time without the added stressors that come with every project. We take pride in handling all aspects and complications of the project from licenses and permits to following up with subcontractors so that you don’t have to.


There are multiple benefits to using a licensed general contractor for your commercial construction project. Each construction project requires multiple permits and licenses from county and City officials. Hammers Construction is a Colorado Springs general building contractor that will help obtain all the necessary county and local clearances and permits on time to ensure that the work proceeds as per schedule. Hammers Construction:

  • Coordinates the entire project, from conception to completion
  • Takes responsibility for organizing and coordinating with architects, engineers, and subcontractors
  • Ensures that the construction process flows smoothly and seamlessly
  • Tracks all the costs associated with the project to make sure it’s completed on budget
  • Very competitive in price
  • Understands bank loan requirements
  • Works with customers to ensure they have everything needed for a bank loan approval
  • Provides the cost break down, plans, specs, and analysis for conception
  • Ensures that the loan application is complete


When you find a general contractor such as Hammers Construction for your construction work you will have to sign a general contractor agreement.  This document will list the work that the general building contractor will be responsible for. We will interact with the architect, subcontractors, and so on to ensure that the construction will be completed as per the customer requirements.

We can also provide an initial assessment of the land and the customer requirements and provide a per square feet cost estimate for the construction. Some commercial projects require additional services such as assessing the topography and designing plumbing and sewerage lines. In such cases you need to sign a general contractor services agreement as well to ensure that all the required services and support are provided.

Where to Find

Hammers Construction is a full service commercial general contractor based in Colorado Springs. The offices of the company are situated on the high prairie east of the city and provide a splendid view of Pikes Peak. Hammers Construction has about 30 permanent employees as well as long term relationships with a wide variety of subcontractors that provide electrical, plumbing, sewage, and other services for the commercial buildings we construct.


To find out the cost of construction of a commercial building – brewery, storages, pole barns, retail stores or office buildings – all you need is to contact Hammers Construction. Although we would like to provide you with a basic cost, we feel that each project is unique and the cost associated varies on numerous factors such as the development areas and buildings desired.

We pride ourselves in offering a free per square foot basis price for the construction of commercial buildings after assessing the specific needs of the client as well as the topography and soil conditions of the land. Just call us today or write to us for a free estimate of the construction costs for the building of your dreams.

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Hammers Construction is a commercial construction company in Colorado Springs with 25 years experience in commercial design-build construction.
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