Land Development

Hammers Construction is a full service construction and land development company. Based in Colorado Springs, the company provides general contractor and land development services throughout the United States. The construction firm understands the nuances of the real estate business and leverages this knowledge to provide land development services.

What is Land Development?

Land development is more than just construction services. A land developer typically purchases the land, parcels it out, decides on the use it will be put to, decides on the building features, and completes the construction after obtaining the permits and licenses. Land development companies also maintain the property they develop and lease or sell it for a profit. The land development process is risky but also provides commensurate profits for the investor.

Our company provides land development services and acts as a land development consultant to those who are willing to invest in real estate. Hammers offer both commercial land development and new land development services. It is willing to advise investors before they make a purchase by inspecting the land and the requirements of the investor and providing per square feet construction costs for the project.


Land development companies can derive multiple benefits by utilizing the land development services offered by our firm. Hammers can provide the land developers with:

  • The services of experienced land developers
  • Knowledge of local rules and regulations for land development
  • A cost effective way of obtaining estimates construction and development costs
  • Design and construction help


When a land development company uses our tremendous construction services they will obtain:

  • Per square feet construction cost estimates
  • Estimates of land development costs
  • Help in obtaining necessary permits and clearances from local and other authorities
  • Help in designing the development
  • Help in completing the project construction
  • Opinion about the topography of the land under consideration and its impact on the project costs and design

Where to Find

Our main office is located in Colorado Springs. The office provides clients and employees with a breathtaking view of Pikes Peak. While we employs 30 full time staff, clients and customers of Hammers land development business also benefit from the relationship this company has built with many designers, architects, sub-contractors, and consultants. This combines expertise is available for all clients of ours.


To find out the land development costs of projects you have in mind, call Hammers now. Our Land development consultants and experts are ready to help you put together your dream land development project.

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