Tenant Improvements

Hammers Construction based in Colorado Springs provides tenant improvement services throughout the United States. Our commercial tenant improvement services ensure that both owners and tenants are free to focus on their core responsibilities even as the requirements of the tenants are met.

What are Tenant Improvements?

Tenant improvements are any interior changes made to a commercial or industrial building to meet the requirements of the tenant. These can include floor, wall, and roof coverings or modifications, partitions, fire safety steps, air conditioning changes, and so on. Hammers Construction is tenant improvement contractors that ensure that buildings are modified to meet the requirements of tenants without compromising the structural stability and safety. We coordinate with the various subcontractors needed to ensure that the tenant improvements are completed on time.

Benefits Conveyed

Our hard working company not only coordinates the tenant improvements but helps ensure that improvement costs are kept within the budget. When undertaking commercial improvement projects we keep in mind the requirements of the tenants and the owner. We ensure that the interior of the building is modified to meet the tenant requirements without causing any long term or structural problems for the owner. Depending on the tenant requirements we use the tenant improvement allowance provided to ensure that the needed modifications and changes are made.

The Full Scale Managed and Understood

When tenant improvements need to be undertaken, the sharing of the costs involved are negotiated and decided on between the tenant and the owner. Our firm helps in the process and in the implementation of the changes by coordination between the tenant and the owner as well as the various designers and sub-contractors needed to complete the project. We track the expenses of various components of the project and ensure that sub-contractors keep to the schedule planned.

Where to Find Us

The main office of Hammers Construction is located on the outskirts of Colorado Springs. The view of Pikes Peak that this provides inspires our 30 permanent employees. Apart from this, our consultants and long term contractors are found throughout the country on site at the various tenant improvement projects that we manage.

Our Costs are Full Explained

Before tenants and owners can agree on tenant improvement projects they need cost estimates for the various changes. Hammers Construction provides cost estimates that include detailed analysis of the various modifications sought, ensuring that owners and tenants have actual figures to work with. Call us for tenant improvement cost estimates before you begin any discussions or communication.

If you need more information?

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