Prefabricated Steel Framed Buildings

Rise up of steel buildings in Williston, ND

Steel Building Construction in Williston, North DakotaIn the bustling downtown area of Williston, North Dakota, construction is in full swing at various spots, and steel buildings are often right at the center of the activity. This forward moving city is home to a number of remarkable structures, and unsurprisingly, many of them use steel as a primary building material.

Various uses for steel framed buildings

If you thought that steel building construction was limited to industrial or storage applications only, you would be surprised at how many different applications there actually are for such structures. Having first achieved prominence in the architectural scene of the mid-20th century, steel buildings have encompassed virtually every aspect of the construction industry since then. Nowadays, you could still expect to see steel buildings in their more traditional roles as hangars, equipment sheds, garages and the like. However, you could just as easily see steel buildings serving as libraries, shopping centers, office buildings, churches, residential complexes and more. For virtually every construction application you can think of, steel building design could very well be the most appropriate choice.

Primary benefits of steel frame buildings

Steel Framed Buildings in Williston, North DakotaWhat makes steel buildings so feasible? Much of it has to do with the inherent qualities of steel, most notably, its strength and durability. Of all the construction materials currently in use, steel is by far one of the strongest and most durable. In fact, it is because of these very qualities that virtually every other types of structure–including those made primarily from wood or cement–use steel to some degree. Given the benefits offered by steel to these structures, using it is your primary building material could only increase the benefits immensely.

Advantages of modular steel buildings

Within steel building design, there is a subset of structures that provide all the benefits of steel buildings along with a few others besides. They are called “prefabricated steel buildings”, and their main benefits are cost-effectiveness and their modular form.

In most traditional construction projects, the bulk of the work involved in erecting the building takes place right on the construction site. This involves a lot of technical personnel and skilled laborers on site, and there is a lot of coordination and careful planning required. These projects are typically expensive, and the entire crew can is often required to be on-site for several weeks and even months.

Steel Buildings in Williston, North DakotaWith prefabricated steel buildings on the other hand, the individual components of the building are manufactured off-site. When finished, these components are transported to the site of the future building. Because the main components are already assembled, it is much easier to put the building together. This speeds up the construction process, and reduces the need for manpower considerably. The result is a building that offers all the benefits of steel buildings at much less cost than a traditional structure.

There is so much more to prefab steel buildings that we would like to tell you about. If you are interested in this state-of-the-art technology and want to reduce your building costs, give us a call today 701-842-6999!

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