Things To Know About Metal Buildings

04/18/2013   by Hammers Construction

Prefabricated metal buildingsThere are many types of buildings, and depending on the region of the world, purpose of the building, and cost parameters, you may find constructions made in many different ways. If you wish to build a house in the jungle, chances are you will use local components such as wood and plants. In Europe, there is a lot of stone available and traditional constructions have heavily relied on it. In America, wood and metal has been mostly used.

When it comes to commercial buildings however, softer material like wood is usually not employed, because you want something that will last a long time. So most of our modern cities are built either with concrete, metal, or both. Typically, steel is used only in a limited fashion, often as support rods, inside of concrete building. However there are more and more constructions that employ metal as the main component, using both harder components like stainless steel, along with softer ones like aluminum for the exterior covering. There are many reasons why you would want to go with a metal building, and some concerns that you need to keep in mind. Here are some things you may want to know about the subject.

The main benefit of metal is solidity. When compared with almost any other material out there, metal will last longer and be stronger. A wooden building is inexpensive, but it is not durable, and can be prone to a number of issues such as strong winds from hurricanes, degradation with age, water infiltrations, and so on. Even when compared with other strong materials like concrete, steel ends up being more durable because while it is strong, it is also more flexible. As a good example, if you look at regions which were affected by hurricanes like in the case of Katrina, steel buildings were the structures that stayed standing.

The reason for this strength is in the components that make up the structure of metal alloys. The atoms in particles used are much closer together, making a much denser structure. They create crystal structures, which makes them more resistant to heat and stronger. There are also other benefits over other types of constructions. Metal is fully resistant to insects, they deal with heat and cold much better than other buildings, the construction process has less waste, and the maintenance is typically lower than with many other construction types.

Even though wooden buildings are cheaper because of the abundance of forests, this is slowly changing as our trees become rarefied. Plus, a wooden building requires a lot of additional care because wood is so much weaker. In the end, over the course of a life time, a metal building ends up being more economical. This is true for large constructions, but the same applies for small structures as well. If you are thinking about making a storage building in your backyard, you may be tempted to build it using wooden panels because it seems less expensive than building a metal building, but you have to think about what happens down the road. Your metal structure will last longer, be more resistant, and require a lower maintenance cost.

In order to construct these buildings, you may also find out that they are easier to handle. Quite often, prefabricated structures are sold and all you need to do is bolt them together. If you go the pre-made route, then it really is a breeze to deal with metal constructions. You also have a choice on the type of metal you will use. There are different prices and different qualities. Metal buildings can be found everywhere from churches to factories, shops, storage areas, office buildings and retail establishments. Full skyscrapers are also made of this material.

Because prefabricated metal structures are becoming so popular, they are also far more customizable. You can often arrange them the way you need, and years down the road you can change their arrangement. With wood, that would require a lot of work, including potentially replacing some planks for new ones of the right size. Plus, metal goes well with concrete, so you can have a solid concrete floor along with metal walls and ceiling. Even years down the road, your construction will still look modern and be sturdy.

Then there is the whole security argument. Unless you live in the perfect neighborhood, then there is a risk for theft. Fire is also always a potential issue. With a wooden building, you always have a higher risk. But steel is so solid that it adds a significant layer of security. Your steel building will not burn down unless temperatures become incredibly high, and no thief is going to be able to create a hole in the wall to get in, like they could with weaker material.

Of course that is not to say that there is no maintenance at all. You should take care to apply rust-free paint on your steel, or use an aluminum finish. But overall, there is no question that the long time financial benefits of metal buildings are undeniable, and if you look at all of the benefits, this is an option you should definitively consider for your next construction project. The advantages far outweigh the inconveniences.

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